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As someone pursuing the clinical promise of exosomes, you already believe in the technology’s potential. We believe in it, and in you. That’s why we developed this challenge, where we offer our services to help you overcome obstacles in exosome manufacturing. We are accepting applications in these 3 focus areas:




Cell engineering

Making exosome-based therapies a reality will depend on whether the industry can develop innovative technologies to engineer cell lines that can produce exosomes with specific cargo. What are your ideas to solve this challenge?



Process development

Engineered cells will only be useful if they are scaled to produce therapeutically relevant doses of exosomes. A combination of novel culture systems, media, reagents, and analytics will be needed to develop a robust process. Do you think your technology could be part of it?


Isolation & purification

The cost of manufacturing advanced therapies is high in part due to lack of efficient purification technologies. How can the industry streamline exosome purification and reduce drug product loss during downstream processing?


Do you need support in one of these areas? If so, in 500 words tell us about your exosome project and the specific process challenge that you are working to solve. A panel will evaluate proposals based on relevancy and potential for impact. Selected finalists will make a presentation to a panel of academic and industry expects. Winning proposals will receive an award of up to $100 000 USD in Cytiva’s Fast Trak services and an opportunity to collaborate alongside industry experts to bring your idea to life.


Every selected finalist will have the ability to network with Cytiva’s team of industry experts.



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March 15, 2021


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Email: shannon.eaker@cytiva.com

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